Well, we all tried to warn her, and I guess that’s all we could do. :/ I really hope she made the right choice. 

Just soo ecstatic this is still happening. Why are people such stalkers!? Jeez I swear I will always have to be on my toes. It will never end, I just want it to be over. I’m way past moved on, even so that i’m not even gonna waste my time turning her in, there’s no point.

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Love Christian Bale. 

Love Christian Bale. 

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Keeping busy

Lately I’ve been trying to manage school, work, and friends. And it’s always non-stop every single second. Usually i don’t like never having downtime because i really don’t have much time for friends at all:/ But I’ve learned to like it, keeping busy helps me keep my mind off of the things that aren’t good for me. And make room for the new things that are great for me. I’ve never felt this constructive before, ever.

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